Satellite Supply Jetsons Tray

by Satellite Supply Co

The Jetsons on wax
Have you ever wondered what happened to the cast of Jetsons?
Always ahead of their time, they have adopted futuristic ways of staying lifted.
Meet George Jetson, Father of the household. Make sure George has his rig and hologram newspaper when he gets home from work.
Say hi to Jane. This beauty holds down the household to this day. She makes sure the family is always styling. She will always have a smile on her face.
Don't forget Judy. This teenage sensation prefers crumble over wax. Indoor over outdoor.
There's Elroy! Quite the troublemaker. Keep an eye on him as well as his best friend Astroy as he is such a instigator.
Rosie the robot housekeeper will make sure all your paraphernalia is organized and you ate supper.